Guidance and Career Education, Part 2

Course Code: YS20GU21

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The Additional Qualification Course: Guidance and Career Education Part 2 will continue to support you in examining the important role of guidance and counselling practice in the school community and, as well, its attendant benefits for students and teachers. It will also engage you in exploration of the contributions of the various school-community stakeholders to the decision making required for ensuring sound guidance and counselling practice.

Throughout the Part 2 course, you will experience opportunities for extending your own professional practice; expanding career awareness and planning; refining the use of assessment tools and community resources; and examining relevant legal and ethical issues. Finally, you will enjoy the support of the Instructional Leader (IL) and your colleagues as you explore personal and shared resources to refine professional skills and develop a personal approach to counselling.


  • Be a member in good standing with the OCT
  • Part 1 completed
  • Minimum ONE year of certified teaching experience by the first day of the course, subsequent to certification

Documents Required

  • Signed Supervisory Officer's Form by course end date confirming required teaching experience
Session Dates
Start Date: Apr 07, 2020
End Date: Jun 19, 2020
Online: April 7, 2020 - June 19, 2020.

This 125 hour course consists of 100 hours of interactive coursework and 25 hours of independent learning. Regular and relevant candidate participation is a requirement. Expect to be online at least every second day for Fall, Winter and Spring courses; and every weekday during a Summer course to complete assignments and collaborate in discussion forums. All deadlines will be communicated by the Instructor.


Williams, Dan