Mathematics, Primary and Junior, Part 1

Course Code: YU20MA12

The Primary/Junior Mathematics Part 1 Additional Qualification Course will engage you in a process of inquiry to explore and develop a life-long-learner mindset for teaching and, specifically, for instruction in mathematics. Using a multiple lens of mathematical processes, lesson study, flexible thinking, and multiple representations, you will examine the pedagogical content knowledge of the curriculum strands Number Sense in Counting as well as Quantity and Whole Number Operations. The summative task for this course is the creation of a mini-unit focused on embedding mathematical processes, observations, and conversations as pre/post/and ongoing assessment, after which, you will assess successes and next steps from the results of teaching the unit.


  • An undergraduate degree acceptable to the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Be a member in good standing with the OCT

Documents Required

  • NONE
Session Dates
Start Date: Aug 04, 2020
End Date: Sep 18, 2020
Online: August 4 - September 20, 2020.

This 125 hour course consists of 100 hours of interactive coursework and 25 hours of independent learning. Regular and relevant candidate participation is a requirement. Expect to be online at least every second day for Fall, Winter and Spring courses; and every weekday during a Summer course to complete assignments and collaborate in discussion forums. All deadlines will be communicated by the Instructor.


Simmons, Joanne