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York University's Faculty of Education AQ Instructional Leaders are at the heart of all our courses. Our OCT certified ILs hold qualifications in their disciplines and are practicing educators with at least 5 years of experience, insight, and proven expertise in their field. The thousands of teachers that take Additional Qualification courses at York U each year are inspired, motivated, and mentored by passionate leaders who foster collaborative, reflective learning environments, no matter the course format. Our ILs bring AQ course content to life by sharing their own lived experiences, strategies, and tips. Teachers not only earn an AQ but also come away with new inspiration.

Below are all currently scheduled instructors. Or you may search on the registration site:

Abate, Sandra Lisa

Anderson, Lenna

Antheunis, Sera Elizabeth

Argouin, Julie

AuCoin, Diane P.

Beesley, Colleen

Brand, Ann

Charal, Sonya Kim

Charlebois, Brooke A

Clark, Sheri L.

Corno, Will

Cox, Adam V.

Craig, Alexandra (Charlie) R.

Davidson, Lesley

Durocher, Robert Jason

Farro, David

Ginglo, Tina Louise

Graham, Tyler D.

Harris, Dani TA

Hines, Jeff Bryan

Hofstatter, Wendy

Ignas, Christine

Jones-Imhotep, Lee F.

Koziol, Georgia

Ladak, Shamsi

Leontarakis, Alkiviadis

Loreto-Lee, Evan

Maliszewski, Diana P.

Marchese, Maria Tania

Matin, Michelle-Shayne

McNicholls-Ramrattan, Ria S.

Moher, Laurie Jean

Nelson, Casey

Nieman, Amanda

Nocera, Maryteresa

Oldridge, Matthew

Olivieri, Patt

Osmond, Jennifer Courtney

Persad, Robin

Pileggi, Bruno

Pileggi, Vince

Rawlins, Renee

Rodrigues, Liam C

Simmons, Joanne

Vigliatore, Daniele

Wakelin, Ryan

Weinberg, Robyn

Williams, Dan

Course listings are accurate as of Mar. 01 08:00 AM.