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New Grad - Co-operative Education, Part 1

The New B.Ed. Grad AQ Program offers a set of AQs that have been designed to explore and answer questions that may be unique to new teachers. These courses are specifically tailored for newly graduated teachers with limited classroom experience.

The Co-operative Education, Part 1 AQ course will provide candidates with an overview of the Cooperative Education program, which integrates student learning in a classroom with experiential learning outside of the traditional school setting. Candidates will start to understand key components of the experiential learning cycle and their role in facilitating a work experience for ALL students (whether it be a traditional work placement, or one of the specialized programs). In Part 1, candidates will also have an opportunity to learn about program planning, basic roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, instructional design and practices, assessment and evaluation, and skills associated with holistically providing an experiential learning experience. Furthermore, this AQ will allow candidates to connect with other colleagues to discuss current co-op related issues and strategies from various boards across the province. Upon completion of Cooperative Education Part 1, candidates will be prepared to confidently step into a Cooperative Education Department to positively support student safety, well-being and overall achievement.


  • An undergraduate degree acceptable to the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Be a member in good standing with the OCT by the end date of the course

Documents Required

  • NONE

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