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Reading Part 1 – Adolescent Focus Grades 7-10

Course Code: YF21AL11

Registration Deadline: Sep 28, 2021
This course is still open for registration.

Reading Part 1 – Adolescent Focus: Grades 7-10 Additional Qualification Course equips teachers to meet the reading comprehension and application needs of in the Intermediate Division. Specifically, it enhances the teacher-candidate’s repertoire for instructing, modeling, encouraging, and supporting learners as they engage in curriculum-based reading tasks and respond to the increasing literacy demands of life in a complex, mediated society. To this end, Reading Part 1 focuses, for example, on approaches to and strategies for comprehension and application such as close reading, analytic reading, text-dependent questioning/inquiry, critical appreciation of perspective and detection of bias in text.


  • An undergraduate degree acceptable to the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Be a member in good standing with the OCT

Documents Required

  • NONE
Session Dates
Start Date: Oct 05, 2021
End Date: Dec 10, 2021
Online: October 5, 2021 - December 10, 2021.

This 125 hour course consists of 100 hours of interactive coursework and 25 hours of independent learning. Regular and relevant candidate participation is a requirement. Expect to be online at least every second day for Fall, Winter and Spring courses; and every weekday during a Summer course to complete assignments and collaborate in discussion forums. All deadlines will be communicated by the Instructor.

Format / Location

Vitelli, Sara


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