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Honour Specialist (Physics)

Course Code: YU21HPH1

Registration Deadline: Jun 22, 2021
This course is still open for registration.

The Honour Specialist (Physics) course focuses on curriculum leadership by investigating different aspects of teaching and practical examples that can be implemented in the classroom. The curriculum of the course includes an exploration of some of the current teaching models and theories, a detailed examination of formative assessment and classroom practice, technology and its role in teaching, ethical issues that arise in physics and leadership in the curriculum, classroom and teaching community.

Key to the course is an examination of the current theories and research on teaching models. The guided inquiry approach is analyzed along with practical curriculum examples that reinforce its implementation. Effective formative assessment and its role in the classroom is reviewed, as research concludes that this is critical to student comprehension. Topics in the curriculum that involve common misconceptions among students and are challenging to teach are further addressed, along with curriculum coherence and how it can improve a student’s overall understanding.

The use of simulation and video is explored in addressing student misconceptions and coherence in the curriculum. Several simulations specifically designed for the curriculum are examined and in turn can be incorporated within a classroom. Videos demonstrating alternative approaches of exploring the curriculum content are analyzed and can also be used in the classroom.

The Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession are reviewed along with curriculum content related to questions of ethics. Teachers also have the opportunity to share ideas related to leadership in the curriculum, classroom and teaching community.

This course provides teachers with practical resources that can be implemented in the classroom and enhance their instruction. Teachers enrolled in the course will have the opportunity to reflect on their practice and share ideas with their colleagues.


  • Be a member in good standing with the OCT
  • FOUR-year academic undergraduate degree (20 full courses excluding education courses)
  • NINE full courses in the subject of Physics with a minimum B average (excluding education courses)
  • Minimum TWO years certified teaching experience by the first day of the course, subsequent to certification including at least ONE year in Physics

Documents Required

  • Signed Supervisory Officer's Form by course end date confirming teaching experience
  • Official transcript(s) sent directly to the Professional Learning Office from the granting institution before course start date
Session Dates
Start Date: Jul 05, 2021
End Date: Jul 30, 2021
Online: July 5 - 30, 2021.

This 125 hour course consists of 100 hours of interactive coursework and 25 hours of independent learning. Regular and relevant candidate participation is a requirement. Expect to be online at least every second day for Fall, Winter and Spring courses; and every weekday during a Summer course to complete assignments and collaborate in discussion forums. All deadlines will be communicated by the Instructor.

Format / Location

Sciarretta, Justin


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