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Writing, Part 3 Specialist

Course Code: YF21WR31

Registration Deadline: Sep 28, 2021
This course is still open for registration.

The Additional Qualification Writing Specialist Course facilitates a culture of pedagogical practice, reflective leadership, knowledge creation, and mobilization. Through it, you will collaboratively cultivate professional efficacy and leadership practices in your educational settings by fostering cultures of critical reflection and inquiry within the context of writing instruction and learning to write.

To begin, you will examine beliefs and theories about leadership in an educational setting, moving forward to integrate these learning theories into their planning in support of writing teachers through staff development and professional-learning communities. You will learn how to foster a culture of critical and reflective leadership practices for teaching writing committed to the creation and sustainment of holistic learning environments; to the nurturing of each student’s identity; and, to students’ intellectual, social, emotional, physical, linguistic, cultural, spiritual, and moral development.

In this Writing Specialist AQ course, you will utilize innovative, leading-edge 21st-Century pedagogies, tools, and processes to create learning environments for educators and students that engage students as active, democratic, global citizens. In addition, you will collaborate to determine the effective integration of assessment practices to facilitate communities of practice that employ equitable and inclusive processes for reflecting, documenting, and interpreting learning.


  • Be a member in good standing with the OCT
  • Part 2 completed
  • Minimum TWO years certified teaching experience by the first day of the course, subsequent to certification including ONE year in Writing

Documents Required

  • Signed Supervisory Officer's Form by course end date confirming required teaching experience
Session Dates
Start Date: Oct 05, 2021
End Date: Dec 10, 2021
Online: October 5, 2021 - December 10, 2021.

This 125 hour course consists of 100 hours of interactive coursework and 25 hours of independent learning. Regular and relevant candidate participation is a requirement. Expect to be online at least every second day for Fall, Winter and Spring courses; and every weekday during a Summer course to complete assignments and collaborate in discussion forums. All deadlines will be communicated by the Instructor.

Format / Location

Ginglo, Tina Louise


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